All Range Gunplay (全ての範囲銃器技術), commonly spoken of under its abbreviated name, ARG, is an extremely rare and lethal system of military combat techniques and skills, one which many soldiers from all backgrounds of service coveted in infamy. All Range Gunplay is regarded as the culmination of thousands of years of human combat and warfare, and is said to be a perfect amalgamation of martial arts and firearm handling techniques. Due to the physical requirements that are obligatory for ARG to be executed successfuly, it is said that only Twilights are capable of performing the skills of ARG to the highest possible competence.


ARG was created to be the ultimate weapon for doped twilight soldiers. ARG was personally designed, cultivated, and developed personally by a legendary twilight soldier of an S/0 rank, and was based ingeniously upon thousands of years of data collected from studying human warfare, behavior characteristics, and techniques. The creator of ARG was hailed as a true genius and a prodigy unlike any soldier that had come before him due to the sheer effectiveness of ARG. ARG itself was passed on to a small group of talented soldiers, who were hand-picked personally by ARG's creator to inherit the techniques of the "martial arts" style he had created. These figures would go on to pursue their own paths, spawning, a continuous following of the ARG as they themselves took apprentices under their wings.


ARG was at one point, the single most feared military fighting system of martial arts in the world. ARG, as a set of fighting techniques which serve as a combination of revolutionary sharp shooting techniques, gunplay, and other physical military martial arts such as Krav Maga and Taekwondo just to name of a few, was something which even the most elite soldiers and combatants around the world both revered and reviled. ARG isn't a skill set which focuses on striking, nor is it one of self defense. It is a martial arts form which focuses on killing the opponent as quickly and as possible, as a skill system which fuses both gunplay and martial arts.


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  • ARG is somewhat based upon the Gun Kata and corresponding skills and techniques as seen in the action movie, Equilibrium, though inspirations are also directly taken from the movie Wanted and the gun techniques shown in said movie.
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