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Mr. Delicious
Mr. Delicious will serve now... [1]
Name Mr. Delicioso
Kanji あなたはグーグル翻訳を使用します
Romanji Mr. Delicious (gotcha)
Birthdate What do you mean?
Age Immortal
Gender Male
Height Taller than you.
Weight 168 lb
Blood Type O[2]
Rank Weeaboo Ojousama
Professional Status
Affiliation FilthyFrank
Previous Affiliation Cannibals
Occupation Cook[3]
Partner The list is too long.

Mr. Delicious is the one and only Twilight to cook meals using the Celebrer drug as an ingredient. His "amazing" cooking skills contrast with his dry sense of humour. Though he has an aura of cool mystery about him, he cannot cook for his life. A running gag surrounding him is that he has terrible cooking which is only edible due to the heavenly taste of Celebrer.

In his academic pursuits, he is the first person in the GANSGTA universe to be clinically addicted to Celebrer, developing novel ways to enjoy the drug recreationally.[4] When Mr. Delicious makes a guest appearance in the real world, horror soundtracks sound from within the floors & beckon to the victim to announce that they will be forcefed one of his meals. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a cannibal but is simply disliked by his victims.

Plot Edit

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Bad Cooking: One of the Cooking Supernovas along with others, this character is famed for his terrible cooking to the point of it being considered a superpower.
  • Armed Combat: He is a capable wielder of armed weapons such as staffs, which he employs in the forcefeeding and international propagation of his terrible food.


  • Gigantic Spork: It only looks comical for a short while. At this point, its already too late... 🍴


Quotes about Mr. Delicious:

  • "If you ever see him with a plate of food, run. In the other direction, preferably." -
  • "This guy's food is terrible, and he thinks his dry jokes can wash it down."

Quotes by Mr. Delicious:

  • "When I'm done with your stomach, you'll wish you were dead." (Chapter 44 "Mr. Delicious vs. Chin-Chin" in the Weeaboo Battle Arc)
  • "Eat up, Kohske! Here comes the train!" (Chapter 56 "Mr. Delicious meets Kohske" in the Human Realm)


  • Contrary to popular belief, Mr. Delicious inspired Kohske to produce the character Mr. Delico when he appeared in his window. and gave him the worst food known to man; brocoli. He also broke the world record for the largest volume of food inserted inside a mouth in a single bite.[Citation not needed, BELIEVE IT]
  • High-profile victims of Mr. Delicious include Eichiro Oda (who ripped him off), Faze FAKIE (who used a spork in-game during a troll and paid for the insult) and Hannibal (who Mr. Delicious blames for all the rumours).
  • Mr. Delicious inhabits Realm Infinity of the Weeaboo World,[5] where he speaks mangled Japanese like no man's business and answers personally to the Exalted B0SS Filthy Frank as his personal chef and butler.[6]

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