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Kanji 殺し屋
Romaji Hitto Otoko
Founder(s) Kodoh Ootori
Headquarters Unknown
Sicarios (殺し屋, Hitto Otoko) is an organization of mercenaries who mostly do assassination, thievery, and various other jobs. Kodoh Ootori founded this organization once he began living in Ergastulum, and recruited mercenaries himself. Their base is currently unknown, but they meet up weekly to receive their pay, jobs, and discuss political matters about the four big mafia families.


Led and founded by Kodoh Ootori, Sicarios has become known for completing requests without fail. Their prices are high, but they take on jobs no one else is willing to accept. Daniel Monroe praised their skill, and often hires mercenaries from Sicarios to protect him during meetings. The first member to join was Roy Paraone, who caught the eye of Kodoh with his sharp senses, and assassination techniques. Roy is extremely loyal, and is Kodoh's right hand man. He has completed various missions without fail, and can be considered a top tier assassin.


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  • Sicario means hitman in Spanish.
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